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Eleni Papakokkinou
Clinical challenges in Cushing´s syndrome

Daniela Esposito
Acromegaly – Mortality, Morbidity and Treatment Patterns


Daniel Bengtsson 
Cushing’s disease and aggressive pituitary tumours: Aspects on epidemiology, treatment, and long-term follow-up

Bushra Shahida
Molecular Mechanisms of Graves’ Ophthalmopathy A focus on smoking and radioiodine

Peter Benedek
Familial hypercholesterolemia in Sweden: Genetic and clinical studies

Sofia Manousou
Iodine Intake and Uptake in Populations at risk for Iodine Deficiency

Sofie Eliasson Angelstig
Mechanistic studies on the repression of cellular reaction to hypoxia as cause for chronic complications in diabetes


Anders KämpeKarolinska institutet 2020-06-12
Genetic causes and underlying disease mechanisms in early-onset osteoporosis

Jakob Skov – Karolinska institutet 2020-06-05
Epidemiological studies on comorbidity, heritability and co-aggregation in organ-specific autoimmune diseases

Mats HolmbergGöteborgs universitet 2020-02-21
Outcome of Graves’ disease


Per Lundqvist – Uppsala universitet 2019-03-08
Metabolic and endocrine effects of SGLT2 inhibition

Maria Bygdell Göteborgs universitet 2019-03-15
Childhood body mass index and Pubertal timing. Changes over time and associations with adult cardiovascular mortality

Emily Krantz Göteborgs universitet 2019-12-13
Health Related Quality of Life and Growth hormone treatment. Long-term follow-up studies of women with Turner syndrome and women with osteoporosis


Daniel ErikssonKarolinska institutet 2018-05-31
Genetic and serological characteristics of tissue-specific autoimmune disease

Moumita Ghosh Laskar – Karolinska institutet 2018-06-01
Hormonal influences on cholesterol and bile acid metabolism: Focusing on involvement of PCSK9

Dimitrios ChantzichristosGöteborgs universitet 2018-06-08
Addison’s Disease and Type 1 Diabetes Mellitus

Marcus LundbergUppsala universitet 2018-08-24
Characterization of the Pancreas in Type 1 and Type 2 Diabetes

Amani Al-Khaifi Karolinska institutet 2018-10-26
Bile Acid Metabolism in Humans: Regulation of Synthesis and Circadian Rhythms

Sigridur Bara Fjalldal – Lunds universitet 2018-12-15
Craniopharyngioma- Morbidity and Structural Changes in the Brain